Thursday, 5 October 2017

What's New in Cycle 1

Here's what's been happening in our cycle 1 music classes with Ms. Ashley...

In Grade 1:  Students have been leaning all about eighth notes and quarter notes - known as "Ta" (quarter) and "Ti-ti" (eighth notes) in our music class.

We are still practicing moving our feet to ta and ti-ti by doing marching steps for ta and tip-toe for ti-ti. 

Now we are differentiating between the steady beat and the rhythm. It's pretty tricky! We used the book "Alligator Pie" with some hand drums and rhythm sticks to help us keep the beat and tap the rhythm. We are learning that the BEAT never changes and that the RHYTHM is the way the words go. 

We are also practicing drawing ta and ti-ti all by ourselves! We know that two claps means ti-ti and ta means 1 clap. 

In some classes, we have sung the Autumn song "Falling Leaves" as a round (in 2 parts!) and used scarves to represent the leaves. More on this lesson to come once everyone has experienced it in Grade 1.

In Grade 2: We are focusing on rhythm and composing with ti-ti and ta. The students are very good at clapping and playing rhythms and are practicing echoing the teacher. We have also played lots of singing games to reinforce steady beat and the concept of rhythm. 

Lately we took a virtual visit to the Rhythm Cafe with many of the students in grade 2.
The video we watched can be found on Youtube. It was not created by us, but helped us to create some wonderful rhythms! It was a pretty silly. 

After brainstorming ideas, the students all created and practiced a short menu of their own. Here are a few examples:

Stay tuned for much more from the music rooms at St. Patrick! Don't forget to follow this blog for instant notifications of new posts. :) 


Miss Jen has gotten all of the grades 4, 5 and 6 students back on their violins!

Everyone has been very busy getting back into performance shape. The students are remembering how to sit properly, hold their instrument and bow correctly and play those notes with precision! Take a look at how one of our amazing Grade 5 classes has picked up where they left off - practicing their pizzicato (plucking the strings) and bowing.

Kindergarden Music Update

Hi Everyone!

In Ms. Ashley's Kindergarten music classes on Thursdays, we are learning to respond to music with movement and talk about how music makes us feel. We like to move around how the music tells us to and use objects such as scarves to help us express ourselves!

We are also learning about soft (quiet) and loud sounds in music.

We recently met Theodore the mouse, who loves to come out and play with us when it's quiet and likes to nap. Rumour has it that he comes from a magic kingdom that was taken over by lions...who were much too noisy for Theodore and his mouse friends. Today in music, we listened and moved to the song "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg. The music starts softly and gets loud. We shared our feelings about how it made us feel...some students were excited, others a bit scared and some felt very happy while listening. We all practiced moving along to the song like mice and lions.

We also played a game of hide and seek with Theodore, to practice making soft and loud sounds with our hands. The students would help the "detective" find Theodore (who was hidden in our class) by clapping louder as the detective got closer to him.

We are also slowly exploring some of our classroom instruments - such as shakers, tambourines and hand drums and learning how to hold and use them properly.

Seussical Rehearsal Videos: