Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kindergarden Music Update

Hi Everyone!

In Ms. Ashley's Kindergarten music classes on Thursdays, we are learning to respond to music with movement and talk about how music makes us feel. We like to move around how the music tells us to and use objects such as scarves to help us express ourselves!

We are also learning about soft (quiet) and loud sounds in music.

We recently met Theodore the mouse, who loves to come out and play with us when it's quiet and likes to nap. Rumour has it that he comes from a magic kingdom that was taken over by lions...who were much too noisy for Theodore and his mouse friends. Today in music, we listened and moved to the song "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg. The music starts softly and gets loud. We shared our feelings about how it made us feel...some students were excited, others a bit scared and some felt very happy while listening. We all practiced moving along to the song like mice and lions.

We also played a game of hide and seek with Theodore, to practice making soft and loud sounds with our hands. The students would help the "detective" find Theodore (who was hidden in our class) by clapping louder as the detective got closer to him.

We are also slowly exploring some of our classroom instruments - such as shakers, tambourines and hand drums and learning how to hold and use them properly.

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